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Registration is OPEN

Overlooking the watering hole

At Forestdance we’ve learned in order to make our ceremonies as profound as we can, we operate as a “closed vessel” or “closed container” experiment. This is a tried method with deeper rite of passage based retreats.
This allows us all to shed our layers
together and create a safer space for us to brew deeper transformation.
We only allow people re-admittance in the case of birth, death or acts of god/dess. Thanks for your understanding.

Registration includes 2 full meals/day and a snacks are out at all non-meal times. We provide high quality food, often organic and Native.

We ask all of our attendees to be part of a Service Team and offer Seva…

Please contact our registrar with any questions you may have, or if you’d like to pay via check.
Contact: register@heARTbeatCollective.org. Pura Vida!


Our sliding scale admission price is $250-$320 through Jan. 14th.
The ticket includes camping and two meals/day and snacks.

Beds are on a first come first serve basis, are limited, and are $150 for Wed-Monday morning. .  They are currently available.

Please see our refund policy on the FAQ page before purchasing your ticket.

Sliding Scale Admission

Thank you for embracing life with us. We look forward to seeing you around the fire, and to creating beauty together.