A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Collective

One Earth Drum Dance Company is an inclusive, African-inspired performing arts company.

Currently for young people in grades 5-12, One Earth provides vibrant, professional dance development and also, dynamic, inspired practice through live drumming and chanting. Company members collaborate in the creative process by contributing conceptual and choreographic material. Members have an opportunity to work with a roster of international artists and to engage purposefully in community bridge-building. One Earth exists to further artistic and leadership training through innovative educational and performance experiences.

One Earth Drum Dance Company supports members:

To dance with innate power and presence.

To speak freely. To express freely. To respond to the call of the drum, as if in a conversation.

To enter the space of drum, dance, collaboration and cooperation with respect of self and others.

To participate gracefully and compassionately in group process.

The company will be held collectively in the spirit of deep caring and an unbroken circle.

Schedule: Immersion Meet-Ups- One Friday per month from Oct 2019 through Jun 2020- 4pm-9pm the company will meet, warm up, dance, drum, chant, choreograph, talk about ideas and inspirations, plan a community action, have dinner and plan for the next meet up.

There will be group/Zoom calls in between monthly meet ups to connect on artistic creations, community bridge building and goals.

Community Engagement: Partnerships with local communities; building bridges and facilitating community empowerment; supporting awareness, community values, and a fuller understanding of how interrelated and interconnected we are.

The Format: Group classes will be taught with an emphasis on personal development. Rehearsals and creative process will be directed with an emphasis on artistic integrity, professionalism and freedom.

Multi-level classes will complement scheduled time for creative content geared toward individual dancers’ skill sets.

One Earth Drum Dance Company is an inclusive platform for young people grades 5-12 to aspire to artistic professionalism through innovative cultural experiences that supports vibrant dance development and furthering collaboration in creative process through live drumming and chanting.

Produced by: Heartbeat Collective

Founding and Artistic Director: Kalpana Devi

To register contact Kalpana Devi: OneEarthCo@gmail..com/ 413-687-1558