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Forestdance Costa Rica Travel Info

You may have been re-directed hear after purchasing your registration for the gathering. Thanks so much for signing up. There are no hard tickets.
You should have received a confirmation via Paypal immediately. We will send out an information welcome email closer to the gathering.
Please check back the first week of January for details about meeting in Puriscal for our ride transfers this year

Pura Vida!. I hope this information finds you well and that we will be together soon around the fire.
For important information not related to travel see: FD Costa Rica FAQ Page
Here is the Bed and Breakfast info that most of us stay at when we arrive and leave CR.

We suggest staying at the Adventure Inn as many of us book here. http://www.adventure-inn.com/
It is 10 minutes from the airport and once you book your room, you will receive a link, that will set up a shuttle from the airport to the hotel. For a 10% discount, use our Forestdance code, http://www.adventure-inn.com/promo/forestdance
We will be providing a ride share page here in the next few days to organize shuttles from the Adventure Inn to Forestdance.



Using the phone in Costa Rica:

All the telephones in Costa Rica have added 2’s for land lines, and 8’s for cell phones after the 506 (country code). The 011 won’t be necessary if you are calling from within CR.

While in CR you will only need to dial the last 8 digits.

Please consider adding the communication app WHATSAPP to your phone before you arrive. Everybody in Costa Rica uses this app for texting and calls. It works wherever WIFI is available.

Welcome to Verdenergia!
Verdenergia’s website.

This provides options if you choose not to stay at Hotel Arilapa and if you choose not to use Eduardo’s shuttle service.
Directions coming soon


Arriving at the San Jose Airport seems a bit overwhelming. Just relax and flow until you get to the exit area. If you are taking a cab right from the terminal, buy your ticket from the window to the left as you are about to exit from the airport (about $50 to Puriscal). This ticket will get you into one of the orange taxis; they will not rip you off like the cabs outside. Many have paid three times what they should have. Please stay in close touch with us via email well before you come.

The buses run from outside the airport to San Jose all of the time. Once you arrive in San Jose you will need to take a cab to the Puriscal Terminal. This should cost about $4. (If you’re not carrying too much and know the way, this is walkable as well.) The Puriscal bus terminal has a bus departing every 30 minutes for most of the day. The ride should take about an hour.

If we have planned it and it is possible (this is not always the case), a member of farm staff can be in Puriscal to meet you. Our cell phone number is 8722-9551. Call us when you are getting on your way from San Jose.
Our phone doesn’t work consistently, though, so do not rely on this unless you have made plans with us already.



Most buses leave from the block that the hardware store Macho Cruz is on, in front of Horocho’s Carniceria. Several buses run from there to San Martin daily. Buses to Quepos also pass San Martin and leave from the Banco Popular, which is one block south from the old church. Be sure to tell the driver you need to get off at Bar Caballo Blanco in San Martin.

Bus schedule from Puriscal: (probably incomplete and subject to change based on things that defy prediction)

6:00 am to Quepos
9:30 am to Salitrales (does not go all the way to San Martin)
12:00 noon to Tulin
1:00 pm to Quepos
1:30 pm to Tulin
3:00 pm to Mastatal/Zapaton (4:00 pm on Sundays)
4:45 pm to Mastatal/Zapaton (not on Sundays)
Now all you need is to make it from San Martin to us, which is another 14 km (9 miles) down a road that has no bus service. We have a friend with a truck that can pick you up at the Caballo Blanco and bring you to the farm for 12,000 colones (about $24.00). You will need to be in touch with us to set this up. If you’re road-hardy and traveling very light, you can also simply start walking and hope for someone to pass by and give you a ride.


You can get a cab from Puriscal to Finca VerdEnergia for around $60.00. The taxis are found (usually in a long line) along the park in the middle of town. You need to tell them you are going to Lanas. (Alternatively, you may be in your own rented car.) Our road is off of the road that goes to Salitrales and on to La Cangreja Park and Parrita. The Caballo Blanco is about 5 minutes (some 4 km) past Salitrales on this road. Lanas is 14 km from San Martin (at Bar Caballo Blanco take a right). This road is a fairly straightforward drive. Just make sure you take a right turn at Quebrada Honda. There is no sign marking this place, but the main road takes a sharp right here, while the side-road goes straight ahead and up the hill past a blue building. A ways past Lanas proper you will see our Finca on the left.

OR: We can also set this ride up with a friend that lives near us in Lanas; this will cost $50 to do.

OR: We can set up a small bus to pick you up from the airport and deliver you to the farm. Depending on season, state of the roads, exchange rates and inflation, this will cost around $150.00, but can take a lot of people.


27 km from Puriscal to Salitrales
4 km from Salitrales to San Martin (There is no sign for San Martin, but keep your eyes open for Bar Caballo Blanco; Lanas is also marked here)
Turn right
After 9 km, stay right at Quebrada Honda (a fork in the road with a sign that says “Escuela Quebrada Honda”)
Proceed 5 km to Lanas
Proceed past Lanas over the bridge and up a hill, stay left, pass a school on your left, then continue 500 more meters to the Finca!

SHUTTLE INFO: Organizing Shuttles Together coming soon

Other important travel info:

-make a copy of your passport and drivers license, keep separate in
case it’s lost or stolen

-let your credit card company know you’ll be traveling in Costa Rica

-There is a tax that you will need to pay, approx. $29 US, to leave the country.
You can buy this when you arrive, or when you leave, at the airport. Make sure you don’t forget, or you’ll get stuck in CR. But then at least we’ll get to see you there next year.
-Make sure that you keep track of your belongings in San Jose. Always keep your money, passport and plane ticket on your body.

The exchange rate is approx. 500 Colones to the US dollar.

-There appears to be no need for shots or immunization of any kind while traveling to Costa Rica. Use your own judgement and be self reliant, but none of us have ever received shots for our journey to CR. Though people are worried about snakes and spiders, especially if they are from the city, the actual greatest danger of natural death in Costa Rica is by falling coconut. If you bring a hammock or sleep outdoors, look up and make sure you are not under a tree with coconuts. Coconuts are amazing, but they can fall much like a bowling ball from the heavens. Apparently they alone cause greater injury then the next four causes of harm to people combined.

Please remember to look over the vision and FAQ’s on the Forestdance site. There is some really important information there that you should know about before coming.